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  • In 2013, it cooperated with China Agricultural University to declare the national "948" project of "High-moisture firstfat processing and storage technology and new index for forage quality evaluation", and introduced the new index of forage evaluation NDF digestibility (ie dNDF) and relative quality of forage ( RFQ) and the relevance of feeding effects and Hayshield forage preservatives.
  • In 2011, we cooperated with China Agricultural University to jointly declare and implement the "Brown Midrib Feeding Sorghum Variety Resources and Breeding Technology Introduction" national "948" project. More than 20 brown midrib feed sorghum varieties were introduced from abroad for adaptability experiments, and selected Good varieties such as kcal, early grazing and late grazing.
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The business scope includes the selection, introduction, promotion, sales of imported forage species, and domestic research and development, cultivation, production, processing and forage planting technical support of domestic grass seeds. The company mainly deals in alfalfa, forage oats, BMR forage sorghum, silage corn, etc. 

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