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The "Grass Capital of China" Alu Horqin Banner received a bumper harvest of 1 million mu of high-quality forage, and the output of alfalfa hay reached 500,000 tons

One million acres of high-quality forage grass in Aluhorqin Banner, known as the "Grass Capital of China", has recently ushered in the last harvest of this year. The total output of alfalfa hay in the whole flag this year can reach 500,000 tons, and the output value is expected to exceed one billion yuan. In 2015, the planting area of ​​alfalfa in Aluhorqin Banner Pastoral Grass Industry Co., Ltd. reached 80,000 mu. In the past few days, they ushered in the third harvest period this year. At the alfalfa base, I saw dozens of harvesters, turners, and balers roaring in the endless green grass, and modern machinery huff