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Beijing Baiqingyuan Animal Husbandry Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Its business scope includes the selection, introduction, promotion, sales of imported forage species, and domestic research and development, cultivation, production, processing, and technical support for forage planting. Since its establishment , Beijing Baiqingyuan has made active efforts for the promotion of green fodder and silage related technologies and the introduction, selection and promotion of pasture varieties in my country, and provided a large number of high-quality grass seeds and complete technical support for feed planting enterprises.
Beijing Baiqingyuan has the qualifications for the import and export of grass seeds from the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Forestry Administration. It has established close cooperative relations with many forage breeding and seed production companies in the United States, Australia, France, Canada and other countries, and is the sole agent of Ding Duo. Excellent pasture varieties abroad. It was authorized by the Grassland Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to produce and sell the "Zhongcao No. 5" purple flower headfa. In addition, the company selected and registered 3 silage corn varieties.
Beijing Baiqingyuan is committed to building a complete grass seed industry chain that integrates the introduction and breeding of new forage varieties, experimental promotion, seed production, seed processing and technical services.

Beijing Baiqingyuan has closely cooperated with many large-scale forage production enterprises and institutions, and has promoted the cultivation of purple firstfa for several million mu, which is rapidly expanding. In addition, Bai Qingyuan is an enterprise that introduced foreign high-quality forage oat varieties in the early domestic period and promoted them on a large scale in China. The company has strong scientific research and technology. In 2011, the company cooperated with the National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology to establish the "Forage and Silage Research Promotion Center", and formed a high-quality technical service team mainly composed of doctors and masters.
Relying on its absolute advantages in forage species promotion and technical support, Beijing Baiqingyuan has been successively hired by Aqi Animal Husbandry Bureau, Tianjin Forage Workstation, Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation and other enterprises and institutions as forage planting technical support units.
Beijing Baiqingyuan relies on excellent varieties, reliable quality and perfect technical support to get praise from the majority of planting companies.

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The business scope includes the selection, introduction, promotion, sales of imported forage species, and domestic research and development, cultivation, production, processing and forage planting technical support of domestic grass seeds. The company mainly deals in alfalfa, forage oats, BMR forage sorghum, silage corn, etc. 

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